Secretly spotting, recognising and banning unwanted visitors is essential, especially before they arrive at the event site. This can and will prevent many problems and risks.

We identify visitors who can pose a risk to the safety of your event, risk groups who commit large-scale thefts, (tear gas incidents) and visitors who show normative deviating criminal behaviour.



Our team has been trained according to a methodology that has been successfully applied in Israel for years to identify terrorists and other dangerous situations. This is linked to our track record of over twenty years of experience in the field of security issues around events. This means that we deliver specialised work.

Spotting, recognising and banning unwanted visitors is essential.



With the government carrying out fewer tasks regarding events, there is more responsibility in the organisation. But on the other hand, the same government imposes considerably more conditions on the organisation of the event. This makes crowd profiling a direct added value for the completeness of your safety plan.


Risk group


Prior to your event, we will be happy to advise you on the risk groups that may be present at your event. In direct consultation with you, we will determine the scenarios and frameworks to spot, identify and exclude the risk groups you have identified. We use the experience gained from previous events and current affairs.

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