Entrance Management

Entrance Management

Why Entrance Management


The experience of an event starts at the entrance. Is it easily accessible? How long do I have to wait before I can enter? Is the entrance safe enough and efficient at the same time, so that there is a good flow?

A warm and smooth welcome is decisive for the (purchase) behaviour of the visitors during the event and the result of the event.

Scoped specialises in entrance management. We coordinate the entire entrance and ticket handling at festivals and events.

Our approach


A specialised team for signalling, establishing and regulating

How do we do this? We provide a specialised team that adequately solves ticket problems and entrance managers to regulate the inflow. The goal is to always ensure a smooth, safe inflow with acceptable waiting times. We have the problem-solving ability to anticipate every situation at an early stage. This guarantees that all visitors enter the event enthusiastically and energetically.

Who are we?


Scoped is a specialist and market leader in event support. Scoped combines the knowledge and experience at events with commerce. This unique combination contributes to an optimal customer experience and optimal financial result. The founders of Scoped have many years of experience at the largest events in the Netherlands. 

Besides entrance management Scoped is specialized in:
– crowd profiling;
– audit and consultancy of Service Levels.

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